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Power of Opposites - Continued

Posted on July 13, 2013 at 7:16 AM
Insight #4

The response on this subject has been overwhelming - so here I go again to add just anothr perspective of thought.  Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!!!

What is it about people who are most unlike me - I most attrack?    

Guess this is where the old adage makes sense huh?  OPPOSITES ATTRACK! Damn yo, why did it have to be me?  This guy is really not my type, but doggone it he sure is sexy!!!   What about all the “good girls” who like those “bad boys”?  Help me out here – I have no answer – I am sure there is plenty of textbook stuff – Freud or Jung material that can explain it all, but do I really have to find myself a part of it – really?    That’s ok – life happens, and this is another phenomena in which I have found myself.  I dare say many others like me as well.  I did not mean to – I even know better but – here I go again.  

While this seems to repeat itself from a “positive perspective”, ever considered how those “bad boys or girls “ must feel when they too find themselves in the predicament.  Does it improve or denigrate their reputation?  How do they feel when the experience goes awry?  Is there learning from their perspective that may change them because of who that opposite person is, or do they only become  more inclined to repeat?  Can in fact, the user become the used?  Again – help me out here.  Only want to engage and provoke.

Categories: Relationships

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5:28 AM on July 13, 2017 
Basically power of opposites continued with more subject has been overhelming the feedback is good. Thanks to this handandassociates blog for it improves many others like me as well here I go again,keep it up.
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It's important to stay positive. Even if it's hard. Am I right?
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2:31 AM on May 14, 2019 
I really believe that opposites really attracts. Just like magnets, they can either repel or attract. They will repel if the same pole or side are placed near each other and attract if the same side or pole is opposite from each other. I can agree with what you have said. Sometimes, you can really be attracted to people who has different attitude or behavior. And sometimes, relationship work if you are different from one another. If you are the same, you might clash.
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This guy is really not my type, but doggone it he sure is sexy!
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